Biofeedback Therapy

Biofeedback TherapyBiofeedback focuses on the connection and communication between mind and body. Biofeedback therapy is used to teach people how they can manage their pain by learning nonpharmacologic techniques to reduce pain. Techniques include diaphragmatic breathing, somatic awareness training (learning to feel your body), and learning to become aware of how the body is functioning.
Instead of being a victim of pain, the patient learns to recognize and change physical responses. Stress responses include: tense muscles, shallow breathing, or cold hands, creating the shift needed to begin to disrupt the chronic pain cycle. Armed with awareness and control, patients can more easily recognize and change functional patterns to prevent or reduce pain.

Just as a scale doesn’t change a person’s weight, biofeedback doesn’t change the body’s response to stress. Change is the patient’s responsibility; biofeedback is used to accelerate the learning process