Chiropractic Care

If chiropractic care is recommended, the latest technology combined with the healing nature of human touch is provided. Chiropractic care relieves nerve tension and improves spinal joint mobility and musculoskeletal health. It is performed to correct alignment, motion and function of a vertebral joint as well as relieve neural pressure, relieve muscle spasm, reduce pain and increase range of motion. From various soft tissue muscle energy techniques, low and non-force manipulation to traditional osseous adjustments, a diverse array of chiropractic techniques can be utilized.

Almost all back problems are a combination of poor body mechanics along with insufficient stabilizing forces due to inadequate or absent strength and conditioning of the supportive musculature. Insufficient body mechanics include how we lift things and move our bodies as well as how we posture ourselves in front of computers, driving, sitting in front of the TV and sleeping. Consistently maintaining good posture and body mechanics helps support our spine. Repetitively failing to do so and we weaken the spine, slowly wearing on the muscles, ligaments and discs. This is behind why so many claim to have done ‘nothing’ when their back ‘went out’. They didn’t have to. It was already weak and primed to do so! Proper nutrition and rest also play significant roles in the healing of back problems by allowing the natural processes of inflammation control and tissue repair to occur. Failure to condition the spinal joints and muscles regularly, especially with known disc and joint problems, will place more stress on those structures and deepen the problem. If you do not exercise these areas, or even worse, you don’t exercise at all, it only stands to reason that you are not getting any stronger and likely getting weaker. Allowing the spine to continue to weaken, significantly increases stress on the discs and the potential need for surgery. Unfortunately, a weak spine that needs surgery is at greater risk of failed back surgery. We believe there is no way around the need to get your spine strong. Strengthening your spine is either to avoid surgery, defer it or to strengthen & rehabilitate your spine after an ultimately needed surgery.