“I had a Spinal Cord Stimulator implanted by Dr. Kandra.  I wasn’t sure about having it done.  Much to my surprise it has been very successful.  I have had no problems with it.”
-Mari Jo Jabbour

“Having the Spinal Cord Stimulator (SCS) was the best thing that has happened!  I took all options that were open to me before it came to where there were no other options left expect the stimulator.  I was reluctant to try it until Dr. Kandra patiently explained the procedure to me again and encouraged me to try it.  After the trial evaluation of the SCS I felt a lot better.  Once the permanent SCS was in place my mobility increased by 100%.  After suffering for 10 years, the pain in now gone and I have no need for my cane anymore!“
– Raymond Deemer 

“Five years ago, while working in a utility yard with one other person we had to move debris, equipment, and crates of sorts in order to make a clearing for our trucks and a piece of loose metal fell down on my hand severing off part of my left ring finger. This lead to multiple surgeries using pins and rods in my finger. A second accident occurred where the same finger was crushed up against a wood chipper. More surgeries followed where bits of my bone were removed. There was extensive nerve damage that started at my finger and over time spread to my hand. The pain was excruciating, life-altering, and like nothing I have ever experienced before. My hand would randomly, without warning, sting, burn, go numb, change temperatures, and close on its own. I had multiple appointments and studies with many different doctors trying different techniques of recovery but nothing seemed to help or last. I was afraid this pain would never leave my life. That was until I was referred to Dr. Arun M Kandra. He performed three nerve blocks and other procedures to the best of his ability but it still was not enough, but Dr. Kandra did not want to give up. We agreed to have a spinal cord stimulator placed in my back to control the damaged nerves in my hand. Dr. Kandra performed the surgery the very next month. Within hours after the surgery I finally felt true pain relief in my hand for the first time since my accidents. I can finally use my hand again to carry things, work on my house, cook for my family, and teach my son automotive work. With an 85% recovery from Dr. Kandra’s amazing work and procedures, I am excited to soon return to work and be back to living a normal life. I highly recommend Dr. Arun M Kandra to anyone who is experiencing chronic pain due to nerve damage or any other reason in need of pain management. He is a genuine man who talks you through your procedures explaining everything clearly and always makes sure there is a plan in place. If you believe nothing else can be done for you and are out of hope, don’t give up until you’ve spoken with Dr. Kandra.”
– Jeffrey S. Brunstetter Sr.

“I feel the treatment I received at NMR was superior to another facility I used.  They tailored exercises to improve flexibility while taking patient’s ability into consideration and the hands-on spinal manipulation by Dr. Jeremy made a tremendous difference in pain levels and quality of life.  Thank you so much!”
 Anonymous, Somerset, NJ 

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I feel so great!  Before starting on the program I could only do 15 minutes of walking/running at a 3.5 speed.  I would get short of breath and tire quickly, but after being on the program for 2 weeks, I am now at a 5.0 speed and can run longer and faster than I would have thought.  Thank you Dr. Claudia for giving me my confidence back and teaching me the right way of running without getting shortness of breath and pain.  If I keep this going, I could probably sign up for a half marathon in the Spring of 2018.”
– Maria, Edison, NJ

“To live with an illness that causes pain is incredibly frustrating and exhausting. To find a Doctor that is smart, compassionate and trustworthy, can be equally exhausting. Dr. Kandra, a remarkable gentleman, with such magnificent talent as a physician, was a God send in my life. I was ready to accept a dim future, until meeting Dr. Kandra. I know that he made every attempt patiently to provide me with relief and a better quality of life. I cannot thank him and his wonderful staff enough for the superb skill and care they provided while I was a patient! God Bless you!!”
– Victoria Pisani Douglas

“He was excellent — I have been suffering with chronic back pain all my life — he took his time to listen. I had procedures performed and his diagnosis was right on. The staff is also very friendly. The wait time for all my appointments were very fast. I recommend him for anyone suffering with chronic pain.”
– Anonymous

“It was my lucky day when my niece recommended Dr. Sferra and his staff at NMR Branchburg facility. I had previously been to two other rehab facilities, but in a very short time I knew that the level of competence was far superior at NMR and that I had found my rehab home. Their knowledge, dedication and the support they give to each patient makes the rehab visit, besides beneficial, a very pleasant one— it’s actually fun.”
– Sandi Medvedich, Pittstown, NJ

“I have been going to NMR almost since its inception and they have successfully helped me through many crises. I have always found Dr. Sferra and his entire staff to be nothing but friendly, courteous and helpful with your best interest and health a priority.  I would highly recommend to anyone in need.”
– Nicki H. Manville, NJ

“Dr. Jeremy and the staff at NMR have been instrumental in my rehabilitation since undergoing orthroscopic shoulder surgery.  They have extremely great skills in dealing with each individual and the knowledge of progression as you move through the therapy and the process.  I am extremely grateful for their outstanding treatment and thank them all sincerely.”
– Tom Shimko

“As the Personal Training Manager of Gold’s Gym Bridgewater and a Men’s Physique Bodybuilder my body is my livelihood. Being able to demonstrate and execute exercises on a daily basis is a critical part of my job. I know I can count on Doctor Sferra and his staff to keep me running on all cylinders no matter what issue I walk through the door with. Their wide range of services ranging from chiropractic care, physical therapy, massage therapy, acupuncture, and ultrasound has allowed me to sustain such a high level of physical demand that I place on my body day by day. This is what separates NMR from the rest; NMR is truly a one stop shop for anyone suffering from physical pain. There is no need to go to doctor after doctor for each and every issue that may arise when Natural Medicine and Rehabilitation can treat them all!”
– Tom Banafato, Bridgewater, NJ

“Dr. Sferra and Dr. Jeremy and the staff of Natural Medicine & Rehabilitation create an environment of caring and healing.  Their program of exercises and activities has enabled me to feel stronger and experience less pain.  Thank you all for helping in my quest for ‘good health’!
– Vivian O.

“I set up an appt at NMR for a full health consultation and blood work. The entire staff was extremely friendly and knowledgeable. I was given a diet plan and a few vitamins that were recommended after reviewing my blood work and I feel 100% better. I am sleeping much better, not chronically fatigued and have much more energy. I purchased protein powder that they carry at NMR and I no longer feel bloated after consuming a shake. I was using several other brands that were filled with a lot of garbage and chemicals causing the continuous bloated ” Horrible ” feeling. As you can see by the ingredients the stuff they recommended is very clean and all natural. I am so happy with everything that NMR has provided and the staff is always available for questions/ solutions to all concerns. I highly recommend NMR to everyone looking to get back in shape and start a cleaner style of living.”
– Jim Stillman, Branchburg NJ

“Very pleased with the treatment I have received at Natural Medicine & Rehabilitation!  Everyone is dedicated and so willing to help and answer questions; Katie is especially willing to work with me.”
– Pat F., Whitehouse Station

“I am so glad that you were recommended to me by the doctors at Access Medical.  You and your staff helped me a lot, especially Katie, teaching me the exercises that I needed.  All of the other staff members do a great job on my back especially Dr. Sferra when he adjusts by neck, etc.  He truly cares about his profession and I can feel it in his hands.  I highly recommend this facility to many people.  P.S. Everyone is so caring!  When I come in, I know that I’m getting all the proper treatment I really need.  When I leave, I feel like a million bucks!  May God bless you all.”
– Ralph J. Evans, Whitehouse Station, NJ

“The best! Everyone on the team is friendly and accommodating and goes above and beyond to make you feel part of the family … After having 2 major pec tears and a bunch of rotator cuff injuries I have been working with Dr Sferra and Dr Jeremy… They have me back training doing what i love in the gym!”
– Anthony Vazquez

“My experience with NMR and the staff was incredible. They do everything they possibly can to make sure your needs are met and you are as comfortable as possible. I struggled with funds and they went above and beyond to accommodate me with this struggle. That is something that not many offices or practices even consider doing. You can tell that the staff are more concerned with the care of their patients, than the payment they receive. That doesn’t go unnoticed. Thank you for all that you have done for me. I greatly appreciate it!”

– Anonymous